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2012 Incidents


16th January Missing Person

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17th January Missing Person 2

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17th January Missing Person 3

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17th January Missing Person 4

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17th January Missing Person 5

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17th January Missing Person 6

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17th January Missing Person 7

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17th January Missing Person 8

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17th January Missing Person 9

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17th January Missing Person 10

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17th January Missing Person 11

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17th January Missing Person 12

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17th January Missing Person 13

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17th January Missing Person 14

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17th January Missing Person 15

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17th January Missing Person 16

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17th January Missing Person 17

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2011 Incidents


3rd January- Missing Person-Glenties

DMRT recieved a call from the Garda Liason Officer at 19.00hrs requesting MRT assistance to locate a man in Glenties who went missing around 18.00hrs the previous day from the family home. 4 DMRT Units and a SARDA MRT Dog Unit were deployed to search the surrounding areas and river banks centered on the family home. About 140 local volunteers had also been out since early morning. The DMRT DTL and acting Incident Commander also appointed Volunteer Leaders to organize the search Volunteers to cover the different areas. A body was then found in the River area known as the ‘Headmasters Pool’ by a local man around 21.30hrs. DMRT assisted the Garda and Fire Service in the removal of the deceased out of the river and with the subsequent transport.


7th January- Missing Person-Cashelard

The Garda Liason Officer contacted DMRT at 12.45hrs to assist in a new search for Mary Boyle, a child who had went missing 30 years ago in the Cashelard area. The Team Secretary was requested to transport a elderly Dutch Clairvoyant who had worked with the family in the past to suggest search areas. The Terrain was trackless, boggy and overgrown. An all Terrain 4×4 was used to get him close to the site and he was then assisted over the last 100 meters. 


13th March-Walk Cover-Glendowen

4 Members with Charlie Vehicle covered a Gartan Trail walk on a windy wet Sunday in the Glendowan area ending at the Gartan Heritage Center.Over 50 walkers took part in the ‘Eviction Sites’ walk with no injuries.


26th March-Walk Cover-Errigal

Over 40 walkers took part in a Charity event for a Tibetan School with other monies going to DMRT. 14 members, ICU and Charlie vehicle supported this event. 3 members followed the group to the top, the remaining in reserve doing Steep Ground extraction training. No injuries involved. 2 turned back safely after developing Vertigo.


29th March - Animal Rescue- Carrick

A local Farmer contacted DMRT to advise of a stuck sheep on a Mountain ledge in the Carrick area. 2 DMRT members safely got the sheep off.


16+17th April - Car Wreck Investigation

April 16th…2 French Tourists spotted a car wreck at the base of the cliffs on Slieve League. Garda called DMRT at 21.00hrs. DMRT with Spotlights and Binoculars verified that a relatively new car was involved although no casualties could be seen. Due the risk due to the dark and the many hundreds of feet drop to the car the investigation was deferred to next day. April 17th….DMRT members were on scene at first light. The Sligo S61 Helicopter was depatched to investigate but had to be diverted to 2 people in danger of drowning in Scotland. Due to the large distance to the car and the need for specialised equipment, the local Coastguard Cliff and Rescue Unit were tasked. The Cliff Rescue got 3 members down and confirmed no casualties and ID’d the car which proved to have been missing for a few months.


16th April - Injured Man- Ardara

When returning from the Bunglass incident Delta Team were requested to assist a young man with a dislocated shoulder when passing through Ardara.The young man was arm strapped and a arm sling used. A HSE Ambulance then took him to casualty.


17th April - Cragfast Man - Muckish North Face

Garda were contacted by a lady who advised that her partner was stuck high on the Muckish North Face. DMRT were called out at 11.05. 2 Letterkenny DMRT members reached the casualty first. The climber had severe Vertigo and could not get up or down. He was fed, warmed up and calmed down.In the meantime the rest of the team were setting up rope systems from the bottom of the cliffs to get him down. An attempt by the Sligo S61 Coastguard Helicopter to get him winched off failed due to the poor conditions and proximity of Rock towers to the casualty. The climber was then lowered by rope through the only way down, a very steep dangerous gully full of loose rocks. The Team had to dodge a few subsequent dislodged boulders. The Climber was reunited with his partner after almost 9 hours. This was the longest and most difficult DMRT Technical Rescue in years.


2nd May - Gorse Fire Standby - Glenties

The Team were put on standby to assist on evacuations if necessary due to severe gorse fires in the Glenties by Glenties Gardai after phone messages received from locals. The Team were not tasked and were stood at 07.00hrs.


2nd May - Missing Person -Convoy

At 22.00hrs Garda requested the Team to assist in a search for a missing young man in the Convoy area. DMRT, SARDA the Mountain Rescue Dog Unit and Rescue 118 Sligo Coastguard Helicopter joined Garda in the search. The Team were stood down at 04.45hrs. The Young Man later turned up.


11th May - Injured Walker -Slieve League

At 14.00hrs Glenties Garda requested DMRT assistance for an injured walker on Slieve League. A middle aged couple had been walking Slieve League and the Lady fell and injured her lower leg.The Couple were contacted and they were able to advise of their location. 2 Hill Parties from DMRT reached them, provided shelter and splinted the injured leg. They couple were very cold. A Hill party of the Killybegs Coastguard Cliff and Rescue joined the effort. Rescue 115 Helicopter from Shannon then also assisted. The Heli crew extracted the Husband but cloud conditions became too difficult. The combined Hill Party then carried the lady lower down below the cloud base where Rescue 115 was able to extract the Lady and take both to Sligo Hospital. The Ladies ankle had been broken in two places. The Team were stood down at 18.30hrs.


12th May - Injured Walker -Glenveagh

340 Youngsters from a Letterkenny School were on the Glenveagh Bridal Path walk when a 13 year girl injured her ankle. DMRT were requested for assistance at 11.02 hours. The Glenveagh/DMRT preplan swung into action and the head Glennveagh Ranger and a Glenveagh Staff member of DMRT responded.The Head Ranger reached the girl by jeep and the Team were stood down at 11.19hrs.The girl was transported to Letterkenny A&E where a severe sprain was diagnosed


16th May - Trapped Animal -Glenties

DMRT received a request assist a local farmer whose sheep were cut off due tho the raising water. The Deputy Team Leader kayaked out to the sheep and led to them to safety .


4th June -Gael Force Event Cover - Errigal

DMRT provided rescue cover on Errigal for the large Gael Force race. Over 500 competitors participated. 2 minor injuries were treated on the day.


18th June -Bluestack Challenge event cover - Bluestacks

DMRT provided rescue cover on the big Bluestack Challenge event across the Bluestacks to the Plane Crash site.Over 400 walkers attended in 5 groups. DMRT had members in 3 out of the 5 groups, 2 five man parties and two control centers to cover the large area and large numbers. 2 injuries were treated and extracted through Quad and jeep.


27th June -Missing Person Standby - Gweedore

Glenties Garda requested assistance in locating a 14 yr old girl from Gweedore who was last seen walking into the hill at 11.00hrs after a family argument. Heli 118 was going to be tasked by the Garda. At 12.30hrs a girl had been sighted walking on the road to Falcarragh and at 13.00 the girl is located safe and well. Team stood down.


7th July -Injured Climber - Errigal

A call came from a mother of a Teenager who fell on Errigal coming down and hurt his back. Due to the back injury a full Team call out and the Sligo S61 Coastguard helicopter were dispatched. The casualty was airlifted to hospital. The back injury Injuries were found not to be serious and the Teenager was treated for abrasions and released. 


18th to 24th July-Missing Swimmer- Rathmullen

As part of the Community effort DMRT helped search for a missing swimmer who went missing off Rathmullen Pier on the 18th July..DMRT Teams searched for 7 consecutive days over the more remote parts of Cliff and Coast until they were stood down when the young man was found and returned to his family.


31st July-Reek Sunday Cover - Croagh Patrick, Mayo

6 DMRT members joined the SEMRA Team to cover the annual Croagh Patrick Pilgrimage. Weather was poor but casualty numbers were low with one lower leg injury and one case of Verigo. Helicopter cover was confined to the lower slopes due to the bad weather.


4th August-Lost Climbers - Muckish

A couple rang 999 to advise they were lost on top of Muckish in bad weather conditions. They had climbed the Miners Track in summer clothing but the weather had closed in and they were very cold and wet. The nearest DMRT Responders made up a Hasty Team and found the couple and their dog at the Cairn. They were given warm clothes and warm liquid and were escorted down.No HSE support was required. 


10th August-Lost Walkers - Muckish

Garda called DMRT to advise that a member of the public had expressed concern regarding a family who had climbed to the top of Muckish. The Team were put on Standby but the Family showed up and the Team were stood down within minutes.


22nd August-Animal Rescue - Aranmore

Team put on standby for 3 goats stranded on a high sea ledge on Aranmore. The goats jumped into the sea before any rescue attempt was made.


25th August-Animal Rescue - Muff

The Team were put on standby for a Missing SARDA Mountain Rescue search dog that went missing during exercises in Muff. A farmer found the dog, contacted SARDA and the team were stood down.


18th to 21st September - missing American Tourist- Glencolmcille

In what proved to be one of the biggest searches in Donegal in years DMRT were called out for a American Tourist, Kelly Jones, who went missing from her Hostel in Malin More on 17th Saturday. She was last seen walking north towards Glen Head on Saturday at 17.30hrs.The Team were called out on 18th Sunday at 14.30hrs and the search continued to she was found in a empty house near Glencolmcille at 12.30hrs on Wednesday 21st. The Team were training with Rescue 118 Sligo Coastguard helicopter when the call came through on Sunday. Rescue 118 dropped a DMRT team onto Slieve League for the initial search. Over the following days the Team covered a massive area from Port to Slieve League in the search. Joining this major effort were local Garda, Killybegs Coatsguard, SLMRT, Sliabh Laig Walkers and many local Volunteers. DMRT assisted in the extraction of Kelly Jones to Rescue 118 to take her to Sligo hospital. She was confused, distressed and hypothermic. Garda are now investigation her movements over this period. DMRT and all the Volunteers groups were elated that she was found alive and we wish her a speedy recovery.


1st October - missing German Tourist- Slieve League

The Team were called out at 21.44hrs to Bunglass on Slieve League. A Young German female had gone missing in the dark. Her partner raised the alarm when she did not appear at Bunglass car park after a planned walk on the Pilgrims Path. DMRT, SLMRT, Killybegs Cliff and Recsue and Garda joined forces in the search with around 40 people involved. A unit of the Coast guard were alerted by the light from the Tourist’s Mobile phone used to draw the searchers attention and found the young woman wet, cold, upset but otherwise safe. She had got lost when darkness come when trying to reach the car park.The couple were reunited around 01.30 hrs and they team got back home around 03.00hrs.


30th October - missing Bus Driver- Slieve League

Phone calls were received around 16.00hrs from Letterkenny and Glenties Garda Stations that a man was lost on Slieve League. It was established that the lost person was the bus driver of a bus load of hikers from Kilkenny who came for the day to climb Slieve League. It was also established that everyone else in the bus was accounted for and sitting in a local pub. A full team call out ensued.The driver was carrying a phone and he was contacted. He was in his fifties, fit and an experienced walker who had decided to walk to the summit of Slieve League on his own after the bus load of hikers departed. The weather changed and he missed the summit and got lost. He left Bunglas carpark at 12pm and it was now after 5pm. He was able to say that the the sea was on his left and he was a good bit away from Bunglas carpark and heading for Malinbeg. A call was made to Malin CG to task the helicopter in the search who were training in the area. Malin also tasked the Killbegs CG unit.


29th November - missing person standby- Dunloe

A call was received at 00:12hrs regarding a missing person in Dungloe. The man had fallen and hit his head a few days prior. He left his residence in Dungloe at 5.30pm with €30 in his pocket and had not returned. Nobody had seen him afterwards despite Garda checks.No defined search area existed so a general sweep search was planned for first light next day. Conditions were very poor with torrential rain. The man was subsequently located safe and well although cold and wet in Dunloe. The team were stood down at 06.45am so there was no need to issue a full team call-out.


3rd December - missing person standby- Dunlewy

A call was received at 20.00hrs from Letterkenny Gardaí stating that a caller had reported a car parked in Dunlewy for some time. The owner was walking in the Poison Glen area and had not returned. A mobile number for the owner of the car was provided by Gardaí. On ringing the car owner she confirmed that she was not lost but in the area hiking and camping with friends until Tuesday pm. The team were stood down from the standby.


2010 Incidents


22nd December 2010 - Call Out No. 74 - Glenties Area.

HSE requested assistance for the Glenties HSE District Nurse to attend 9 snow bound patients including 3 new borns and a 97 year old lady starting 10.00hrs.Alpha vehicle had been sent to Letterkenny the previous night for Tasking next morning after a issue with Diesel freezing in the tank. The Nurse was returned at 16.00hrs. Medical samples were delivered to Letterkenny Hospital.


21st December 2010 - Call Out No. 73 - Glenties Area.

Ambulance control rang for assistance at 12.00hrs to get a HSE Nurse in the Glenties Area to her snowbound patient. Charlie vehicle assisted the nurse to her patient and then took the subsequent blood test to Letterkenny Hospital for analysis.


21st December 2010 - Call Out No. 72 - Edinenfeagh Area.

A snowbound elderly resident in the area was starting to run out of supplies and her family requested assistance from DMRT at 11.00hrs. A Glenties DMRT Team delivered the required supplies.


20th December 2010 - Call Out No. 71 - Gortahork Area.

12.00hrs, the HSE Manager requested assistance in the Gortahork area for the HSE Nurse to assist nine patients.A Glenties Team were tasked but were stood down when a Civil Defense Team, who were much closer were able to attend.


20th December 2010 - Call Out No. 70

Bunbeg Area. Garda put DMRT on Standby at 00.30hrs for a missing despondent in the Bunbeg area. The Team were stood down next day when the individual showed up. 


17th December 2010 - Call Out No. 69 - Letterkenny Area.

At 21.00hrs Letterkenny Hospital Staff requested DMRT to return 2 family members of a previous DMRT assisted patient back to Glenties as they needed to look after older family members who were also cut off by the snow. Charlie Team from St. Johnstone transported family to Glenties. 


17th December 2010 - Call Out No. 68 - Dunfanaghy Area.

HSE Control requested DMRT at 17.00hrs to assist a snow stranded nurse in Dunfanaghy. A DMRT team successfully extracted the Nurse.


17th December 2010 - Call Out No. 67 - Glenties Area.

Garda requested DMRT at 16.00hrs to get a man with severe low Platelets to Letterkenny A&E as the HSE ambulance was not able to reach Glenties.During the evacuation, Bravo Engine gave problems but the patient was delivered successfully. Bravo vehicle was taken to the garage where a serious engine problem was diagnosed. A new engine may be required at considerable expense.


17th December 2010 - Call Out No. 66 - Carrick Area.

Alpha Team were requested at 12.30hrs to assist a HSE Nurse in Carrick who had got stuck in snow while attending patients and who needed assistance. Nurse and Vehicle were retrieved successfully.


17th December 2010 - Call Out No. 65 - Crolly Area.

HSE requested DMRT assistance for a man in Crolly who needed assistance getting to Portnablagh Nursing home and was cut off by snow. Charlie Team reached patient at 17.30hrs. Patient was wheelchair bound and was manually transferred to jeep and transported to Portnablagh Nursing home for 19.00hrs. 


17th December 2010 - Call Out No. 64 - Mountcharles Area.

HSE nurse contacted DMRT at 10.00hrs to evacuate 3 special needs children to Donegal Hospital until the bad weather passed. A DMRT Team from Glenties completed the task at 12.30hrs.


13th December 2010 - Call Out No. 63 - Letterkenny Area.

Garda contacted DMRT to assist the NI SARDA Dog Team at 12.00hrs in the search for a missing woman in the River Swilly area. The Team were stood down at 18.00hrs when sadly a body was found near Inch Island.


9th December 2010 - Call Out No. 62 - Creeslough Area.

Request from HSE at 13.00hrs to assist HSE Nurse in Creeslough area.DMRT picked up Nurse who then attended 3 patients cut off by snow. A mother, her week old baby and a bed bound elderly person. Task completed at 17.30hrs Charlie Vehicle returned to St. Johnstone.


7th December 2010 - Call Out No. 61 - Port Area.

At 13.00hrs, Garda from Glenties requested assistance for a man in his 70s who lived in Port and who had been without supplies for 7 days due to being snow bound. The Postmaster in Glen had the supplies. The Team were tasked but a neighbour managed to get through so the Team were stood down. 


7th December 2010 - Call Out No. 60 - Glenties Area.

At 11.00hrs the HSE requested DMRT assistance for the Dunloe District nurse to attend patients in the area who were cut off by snow.


7th December 2010 - Call Out No. 59 - Glenties Area.

A call was received at 09.00hrs to assists a Killybegs HSE nurse attend patients in the area who were cut off by snow. 


6th December 2010 - Call Out No. 58 - Falcarragh Town

A call was received at 17.20hrs to assist an elderly man in need of medical attention and who was cut off by snow. On the way back to base, the jeep broke down due to the exceptional abuse it has been receiving in the current extreme conditions. The vehicle has been sent to a garage for repairs.


6th December 2010 - Call Out No. 57 - Gortahork.

A call was received from the HSE at 16.50hrs to assist a nurse deliver medicine to an elderly man who was cut off by snow.


6th December 2010 - Call Out No. 56 - Errigal area.

The team received a call at 15.40hrs from the HSE to assist a nurse to access and provide medical care to a man living in a remote location and who was cut off by snow.


6th December 2010 - Call Out No. 55 - Ramelton area.

At 14.50hrs, the HSE requested assistance the move an elderly man from Glen to a Ramelton nursing home. The team were stood down en route as the man decided not to leave his home.


6th December 2010 - Call Out No. 54 - Glenshane Pass, Co. Derry.

The PSNI placed the team on standby at 14.00hrs as the weather was worsening in the Pass and there was concern that there would be a repeat of March 2010. The team were stood down at 19.00hrs.


6th December 2010 - Call Out No. 53 - Dunloe Transfer.

A call was received at 14.00hrs to assist an elderly man who needed to be transferred from his home near Craghy, Dunloe to residential care in Falcarragh. An attempt had been made earlier in the day by another organisation but they had crashed their vehicle during their attempt. We first went to Dungloe Hospital to obtain the patient transfer letter and then went to the man’s house. The road leading to the house was covered by sheet ice and the final 200m section was very steep. We used an ice axe to hack through the ice for grip and crampons to walk the final section to the house. Upon reaching the man who was quite immobile, we ascertained a stretcher was the only suitable safe method of getting the gentleman down the lane. The gentleman was placed in the stretcher and carried down the steep lane using a belay. The man’s relations wee also transported to the main road as they were unable to move their vehicle. The gentleman was subsequently transferred safely to the residential home. 


6th December 2010 - Call Out No. 52 - Ards Friary.

A call was received at 14.00hrs from the HSE to provide assistance to a nurse who needed to attend an elderly gentleman in the Ards Friary area.


6th December 2010 - Call Out No. 51 - Creevy.

A call was received at 10.00hrs from the HSE in Creeslough to assist a nurse attend an elderly gentleman and administer medical treatment.


5th December 2010 - Call Out No. 50 - Eglish Valley.

A call was received at 11.00hrs from Donegal Town Gardaí to assist an elderly lady who had been cut of in the Ardatole area of the Eglish Valley. The gardaí organised a food parcel, which was picked up at the station by DMRT and then delivered. The lady’s house was cut off with heavy snow, she had been housebound for a week and had taken a fall when she initially tried to get out.


4th December 2010 - Call Out No. 49 - Ardara.

The team were called by HSE at 19.30hrs to assist 2 special need nurses attend a patient located in a remote area where the road had been closed. 


4th December 2010 - Call Out No. 48 - Edeninfeagh.

The team were called out at 12.00hrs to assist an elderly lady who was cut off by Snow.


27th November 2010 - Call Out No. 47 - Barnesmore Gap.

Whilst returning from Callout 48 (see below), the Team Leader decided to go via Donegal Town and pick up a 2nd rescue vehicle as the snow looked to be staying for a while. While en-route, a call was received to assist a NowDoc vehicle stuck in a 2-mile queue of non-moving traffic heading into Barnesmore Gap. The NowDoc vehicle managed to get turned and return to it’s base in Letterkenny, but we were asked by Ballybofey Gardaí to assist in clearing the vehicle that was blocking the road and causing the tail-back. The Gardaí rang Highland Radio to make an announcement that the road would be closed until the council gritter could arrive to clear it. When the traffic was moving again, we made our way on to Donegal Town where we also assisted the Gardaí who had also got stuck in the snow. 


27th November 2010 - Call Out No. 46 - Dunloe Area.

At 19.00hrs, a call was received from Ambulance Control to assist a special needs nurse whose vehicle had gone off the road. The lady was in the house of a patient and eventually decided to stay at the house until the next morning. Whilst on route we pulled a white van out of the ditch near Drumkeen. 


1st October 2010 - Call Out No. 45 - Search on Errigal.

The team were called out to Errigal at 20.26hrs. A concerned member of the public saw lights on Errigal similar to SOS signals and suspected someone was in trouble. Rescue 118 Sligo Coastguard helicopter was alerted and dispatched. DMRT and Rescue 118 were stood down when it was found that it was a group of 14 from Belfast who were on a sponsored charity walk and were all safe. 


25th September 2010 - Callout No. 44 Event Cover - Ards Forest Park Órla Memorial run and walk.

DMRT covered the 2010 Órla Memorial walk in Ards Forest Park. One exhausted child was treated. Over 400 participants attended. 


25th September 2010 - Callout No. 43 Event Cover - GAP Challenge Bike Section.

DMRT covered the bike section of the GAP challenge. No incidents occurred.


18th September 2010 - Callout No. 42- Search and Rescue, Glenveagh National Park

DMRT were called out for a lost Fisherman in the Slieve Snaght area of Derryveagh Mountains at 15.30hrs on Sat 18th Sept. A 44 old man was in contact by mobile phone. He had walked from his tent at Lough Maam to Lough Searach to fish but got lost in atrocious conditions on the way back to his tent. He had no food, water or a torch. His last confirmed location was sheltering under a large boulder about 250 meters from a rounded grassy hill with a small 2ft cairn made up with a triangular rock and boulders at the base. Four teams were tasked to check every spot height in the huge area of mountains between Dunlewy and Doochary Roads, North and West of Slieve Snacht. The Sligo Leitrim and North West MRT teams along with the Glenveagh Rangers assisted in the search. Dublin Wicklow MRT were put on stand by to be flown up by the Air Corp in the event of the search having to be extended. After an extensive search in very bad conditions of thick fog, heavy rain and driving wind, a combined DMRT/NWMRT team found the missing person sheltering near Addernymore, close to the described Cairn, at 04.10hrs on Sunday morning. All other teams were stood down and returned to base. The missing person was very cold but was stabilized and walked off the mountain. A HSE Paramedic unit treated the casualty at Glenveagh MRT base and released him to his waiting family. DMRT would like to thank SLMRT, NWMRT and Glenveagh National Park staff for the search support in such difficult conditions.


11th September 2010 - Callout No. 41 Event Cover - Glover Walk

DMRT provided event cover at N.W. Mountaineering’s Glover Walk. There was one casualty but otherwise the event passed safely. 


14th August2010 - Callout No. 40 - Muckish Flare

Letterkenny Gardaí reported a distress flare sighting on the North West flank of muckish by a member of the public. The flare remained visible for five minutes. The garda requested that DMRT investigate. DMRT searched around the complete base of muckish but no evidence was found of any walkers or vehicles. We determined that the flare had in fact been a meteor as several were reported in the area on same night and we subsequently stood down.


07th August 2010 - Callout No. 39 Event Cover - Crockatee Hill Parish Walk

DMRT were on standby for the Crockatee Hill Parish Walk which takes place on the approach ridge to the Muckish Cross. No incidents occurred and the event passed safely. 


25th July 2010 Callout No. 38 - Standby, Errigal

At 17.00, a call was received from the Gardaí to standby for hikers on Errigal who had been reported late returning to the carpark. The group eventually returned safe and well and the team were stood down. 


25th July 2010 - Callout No. 37 - Search and Rescue, Muckish

At 13.30, a call was received from Malin Head Coastguard to assist 16 hikers who were lost in heavy fog on Muckish. DMRT were able to make telephone contact with the party leader and advised the group to stay where they were until help arrived. The party leader informed us that two persons had split from the group and could not be located. DMRT lcoated the group above the Muckish pass road and transported them safely back to their vehicles. The two lone walkers that split from the group had made their own way home. 


24th July 2010 - Callout No. 36 - Search, Crolly

The Gardaí called requesting assistance in the search for a 12 year old boy who had gone missing in the mountains that evening. SLMRT, Sligo Helicopter and SARDA also responded. At 01.30hrs, the young lad arrived home safe and well and the team were stood down. 


17th July 2010 - Callout No. 35 - Event Cover - Bluestacks Midnight Walk

100 hikers walked across the Bluestacks, commencing at midnight. DMRT were on standby for this event. No incidents occurred and the event passed safely. 


16th July 2010 - Callout No. 34 - Cycling Event, Churchill

As part of our fundraising efforts, DMRT were asked to assist during a cycling event by folllowing the group as a chase vehicle. On route the team treated a cyclist who fell off his bike. The injured party had cuts and grazes to his arms, elbows and knees, and was mildly nauseous, but no head injuries.


11th July 2010 - Callouts No. 33 - Search, Bluestack Area

A call was received from a concerned member of the public regarding 8 German female hikers, aged 18-20, who had gone camping to Lough Belshade in the Bluestacks the day before. They were not equipped to spend a night out in the severe weather of the night before and when they did not turn up the following day, DMRT were alerted. DMRT and the Gardaí contacted all surrounding accommodations to see if they had been seen and to try and get a mobile number for the group. When they could not be located and no mobile number was available, DMRT began to search the area. The Sligo Coastguard helicopter also provided invaluable assistance from the air, saving many hours of searching in such a large area. The campers were located and it was established that there was only 6 persons rather than the reported 8 persons. They were all okay and happy to continue hiking. 


26th June 2010 - Callouts No’s 30, 31 and 32 - Charity walk cover, Glenveagh 28km Wet n Wild Marathon.

278 people took part in the 28km Wet n Wild marathon from Muckish Gap to Lough Altan and onto the Glenveagh Visitors Centre passing over the top of the Poison Glen. This was a well organised walk with good logistical support. DMRT were asked to provide full cover on the day and 3 casualties were attended. Casualty 1 - A female walker felt unwell on the Aghla forest track and was unable to continue. She was attended by the team and assisted back to the road where the HSE took over. Casualties 2 and 3 - A female walker was treated near the Poison Glen summit with a suspected fracture to her right ankle. At the same time, a 3rd female was reported 300 meters away suffering from severe exhaustion and weakness. Both women were taken to the same area and made comfortable. Casualties 2 and 3 were airlifted by the Sligo Coastguard Helicopter and transported to Letterkenny General Hospital.


22nd June 2010 - Callout No. 29 - Missing person, Lifford area.

Lifford Gardaí contacted DMRT officers regarding a missing person in the general Lifford area. The Team were put on standby until further information was available. Sadly, a body was found by Gardaí which was confirmed to be the missing person. The Team were subsequently stood down.


11th June 2010 - Callout No. 28 Event Cover - Errigal

38 people from the St Johnston area climbed Errigal for charity. 5 DMRT members provided the cover. Conditions were poor at the top including heavy mist and high winds. No incidents occurred and the walk passed safely. 


5th June 2010 - Callout No. 27 - Killybegs

The team were fundraising and providing event cover at a Vintage rally in Killybegs when a charity cycle race past through the town. One of the cyclists was involved in a collision with another cyclist and fell of his bike at speed. The injured party sustained injuries to his right leg and arm. His helmet also cracked in half as he hit the ground. He sought medical attention and was treated by DMRT. 


30th May 2010 - Callout No. 26 - Bunbeg Area

At 16.20, a call was received from Glenties Gardaí requesting the team to attend an injured horse which was under the care of an elderly person. The ISPCA were un contactable and Malin Coastguard were unable to attend, hence the reason DMRT were tasked. DMRT made contact with Bunbeg Coastguard to help assess the situation. The horse seemed in good health and content to stay where he was. The owner agreed to enlist help from locals to help move the horse the following day and the team were subsequently stood down at 20.00.


25th May 2010 - Callout No. 25 - Sligo

A call was received from Sligo MRT at 01.00hrs requesting assistance to locate a despondent person who had left a suicide note in a car near Benbulbin, Sligo. SLMRT had already been searching all day the previous day without success. The team were tasked to provide assistance from mid-day. At 07.45hrs, SLMRT issued a stand-down as they had located the person safe and well and brought them to safety.


22nd May 2010 - Callout No. 24 Event Standby Cover on Errigal for Letterkenny Rugby Club

The team provided event cover for a charity walk on Errigal which involved 120 walkers. No incidents took place and the weather was perfect for a walking event.


11th May 2010 - Callout No. 23 - Bluestacks

Two brothers were out hiking and camping in the Bluestacks when one of them fell and broke his lower leg. He felt he would be able to walk out on his own the following day so they camped for the night. At 19.00hrs the following day, they realised they would require help and contacted a third brother who contacted the Letterkenny Gardaí. The Gardaí in alerted DMRT and we were able to make contact with the injured party and establish their location. The team responded immediately, requested a helicopter and had the injured man located and airlifted to SligoGeneral Hospital by 21.45hrs. 


30th April 2010 - Callout No. 22 - Kilmacrennan

While en-route to Callout No. 19, team members in Delta vehicle came across a Road Traffic Accident in Kilmacrennan. As they were the first on scene, they stayed to administer first aid to a female driver with a suspected neck injury. Once the ambulance team arrived on scene, the team members proceeded to the next callout in Glenveagh National Park. 


30th April 2010 - Callout No. 21 - Glenveagh National Park

At 09.20, a call was received from Glenveagh National Park to report a missing walker. The missing person’s car had been left in the visitors carpark the previous morning and he was seen heading well equipped into the hills. The missing person was located by phone and brought safely back to his car with the assistance of the Downings IRCG boat. The team were stood down at 15.00.


24th April 2010 - Callout No. 20 - Event Standby Cover on Errigal for Letterkenny Rugby Club

The team provided event cover for a charity walk on Errigal, which raised funds for Letterkenny Rugby Club. Approximately 60 walkers took part and were split into 3 groups, with leaders for each group. Another group of 45 walkers for a birthday party were also on the mountain at the same time. No incidents took place and the weather was perfect for such an event.


20th April 2010 - Callout No. 19 - Microlight Incident, Slieve Liag

At 14.57, a callout was received from the Gardaí requesting assistance on Sliabh Liag after receiving reports of an air accident involving a light aircraft, possibly a microlight. When DMRT arrived on scene, the Coast Guard helicopter had finished a sweep of the area and had gone back to refuel; the Coast Guard boat unit from Killybegs were searching the shoreline. The helicopter did two more sweeps of the area. In the meantime, the Gardaí contacted all airports and microlight clubs in the Donegal, Sligo and Leitrim areas. The Coast Guard ground team searched up the Tourist trail to the Eagle’s Nest. DMRT set up an Incident Control Unit on the Pilgrim’s Path and sent up a hasty team to cover any areas the helicopter would have missed. When the hasty team returned, all parties stood down as no reports of missing persons or aircrafts had been called in.

The thinking behind this incident is that there was something up on Sliabh Liag, probably a microlight. Microlight pilots can and do commonly turn their engines off and on to practice for real engine failure and are able to glide the plane in good conditions for a considerable length of time and also land them.


10th April 2010 - Callout No 18.

Event Standby Cover at 3 separate charity walks: Horn Head, Errigal and Muckish mountains The team were on standby for 3 charity walks which took place at Horn Head, Errigal and Muckish mountains. Visibility was perfect and a beautiful day of sunshine was experienced by all walkers. No incidents took place on any of the walks.


07th April 2010 - Callout No. 17 - Creeslough

At 14.00, a callout was received from Milford Gardaí requesting assistance in the search for a fisherman. His boat had been reported overturned on a local lake and the fisherman could not be located. The man was found living and well and the team were stood down at 15.00. 


30th March 2010 - Callout No. 16 - Glenshane Pass

At 23.00, the team were called to assist NWMRT and to provide 4 wheel drive vehicles at a traffic jam caused by severe snow on the Glenshane Pass. As we had already been given an emergency weather warning for Donegal, we sent one vehicle so as not to leave us short in case of a local callout. When the team arrived on scene, there was traffic chaos with 320 people stranded on the pass. We helped evacuate over 100 people alongside NWMRT, Mournes MRT and the PSNI team, who cleared a route to us from the Belfast side of pass. Everyone was evacuated to a GAA hall in nearby Dungiven. Among the evacuees were 15 school kids, 3 adults and a bus driver from the St Johnston area of Donegal. The team were stood down at 05.00.


19th March 2010 - Callout No. 15 - Eglish Valley, Bluestack Mountains

At 12.00, DMRT members were called to rescue two sheep trapped on a ledge on a big crag in the Eglish valley (this is the 3rd year in a row sheep have become trapped on the same ledge). A team member abseiled down and established that one of the sheep was already dead. In the meantime, the other ewe became startled and jumped off but luckily survived having fallen into a gully which was less steep than the 90 degree face below the ledge. The team were stood down at 19.00. 


07th March 2010 - Callout No. 14 - Galwolie, Doochary

At 14.00, Garda from Glenties informed the Team Leader of a deceased person in the Galwolie area and that MR would be needed to extract the body. At 16.00, the team located the deceased person in the hill and commenced a stretcher carry to the main road. They arrived at the roadside at approx 18.00 where the local priest said prayers and the funeral director took the body away. 


26th February 2010 - Callout No. 13 - Ballybofey/Cappry

While the crew in the ICU were travelling to the scene at Meenaroy (Callout No. 12), they came across afour mile standstill queue of traffic trying to get up Cappry hill in heavy snow. At this point we were informed by Malin head coast guard that Donegal Town Garda were requesting our assistance here to help the gritter get through and to locate a missing driver who had abandoned his car and was walking through Barnesmore gap toward Donegal town alone. The missing person was quickly located. By now, the gritter had got up the hill and turned to come back down as the road was completely blocked near the top. The gritter driver informed us there was not enough salt left to give the hill another gritting and it would take approx. 30 minutes to return with more. Team Charlie were now on scene from the previous callout, so they along with Team Alpha kept the road clear and the traffic from the top side of the hill slowly moving down the hill. When Bravo arrived on scene, they waited in Ballybofey for the gritter to arrive. The right-hand lane on the hill was cleared of traffic and Bravo provided an escort for the gritter. By 22.20hrs the traffic was moving again and the team were stood down to refuel and de-brief. While the crew in the ICU were travelling to the scene at Meenaroy (Callout No. 12), they came across a four mile standstill queue of traffic trying to get up Cappry hill in heavy snow. At this point we were informed by Malin head coast guard that Donegal Town Garda were requesting our assistance here to help the gritter get through and to locate a missing driver who had abandoned his car and was walking through Barnesmore gap toward Donegal town alone. The missing person was quickly located.


Callout No. 12 - Meenaroy Hill

At 20.00, a call came from the Glenties Garda station requesting assistance with a weather related situation on Meenaroy hill where there was a reported 40 cars stuck in 6 inches of snow and the condition of some elderly passengers were a concern. A full team callout was issued and a team was despatched immediately in Bravo vehicle, with Charlie vehicle following shortly behind. The ICU headed towards Donegal town to RV with Alpha team. En-route they came across another weather related incident (see Callout No. 13). Team Bravo assisted the off duty Gardaí at Meenaroy Hill in clearing approximately 120 vehicles that were blocked by severe snow conditions, and assisted the council gritter in ploughing the snow and gritting the road. The blockage was cleared at 21.30hrs. Charlie was re-tasked to Ballybofey and Bravo followed as soon as it was established there was no further danger. SLMRT and the NWMRT were put on standby in case of another incident in the county. 


20th February 2010 - Callout No. 11 - Laghy Quarry

At 08.30, Garda reported a missing person on the outskirts of Donegal Town. A full team response was requested. The missing person turned up safe and well shortly after 10.00am and the team was thus stood down.


05th January 2010 - Callout No. 10 - The Croaghs to Ballybofey

Due to the continuing big freeze, the team were alerted at 09.00 to an elderly woman from the Meenaleenaghan area of the Glen of Glenties, who was in need of emergency medicine. This medicine was collected in Ballybofey and promptly taken to the woman in question. 


Callout No. 09 - Lismonaghan

A callout was received at 03.47 for a pregnant lady in the Lismonaghan area who had gone into premature labour. The Ambulance crew were unable to reach her home due to the weather conditions and requested assistance. A team vehicle was despatched to the scene. However, neighbours managed to get the lady in question to the hospital.


04th January 2010 - Callout No. 08 - Glenveagh

A callout was received at 22.00 informing that five walkers had not returned to the Errigal Hostel and were feared to be missing in Glenveagh. A full team call-out was issued. The walkers were eventually located safe and well at a nearby by pub. 


Callout No. 07 - St. Johnston

A callout was received at 19.00 to assist four people in the St. Johnston area who were stranded in severe snow conditons and unable to reach their homes. Charlie vehicle was despatched, recovered the four people and got them back to their homes. 


Callout No. 04, 05 & 06 - Dearachan Mór

Due to the on-going severe weather, three separate homes in the Dearachan Mor were in short supply of food and medicine. Contact was made via a team member’s home phone at 10.00, 11.00 and 13.00 for assistance from these three homes. A list of food and medicine was purchased and delivered to these homes. 


02nd January 2010 - Callout No. 03 - Dearachan Beg

The team were contacted at 13.00 by a farmer who was isolated by the severe weather. He was running low on animal feed and was very concerned about the welfare of his animals. Bravo was loaded with 16 bags of 25kg feed and delivered to said farmer. 


01st January 2010 - Callout No. 02 - Pollan Dam

At 14.00hrs a call came from the Buncrana Garda requesting assistance for an elderly couple walking near the Pollan Dam near to Carndonagh. The team leader contacted the couple via mobile phone and ascertained that they weren’t walking, but had gone for a drive, got lost and due to the severe snow were now stuck at their position. Three team members responded in Bravo vehicle and were able to pull this very pleasant couple to safety. 


Callout No. 01 - The Croaghs

Due to the snow and dangerous road conditions, the team received a callout at 09.00 asking them to transport an elderly woman needing non emergency medical assistance from her home in the mountainous region of the Croaghs to a health centre in Glenties and back to her home again.