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DMRT are in 3 out of 6 episodes in the new RTE 1 Rescue Series starting weekly on Sunday 18th November at 6:30pm. We have 3 rescues which right now are expected to be shown on episodes 2, 4 and 6. The rescues being covered are Slieve League missing American Tourist, Muckish lost Couple & Muckish Hazardous Vertigo Casualty Extraction.  This is a great show and this year will cover all the main Mountain, Cliff and Sea rescue agencies including Mountain Rescue country wide, Coast Guard Stations, Coastguard Helicopter Rescues, Garda co-ordination, RNLI and Coast and Cliff Coastguard rescue units as well as others all working together. Enjoy the show!


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For More Information relating to the RTE show —>>> RTE Ireland’s Search and Rescue


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August/September Fundraising and Training
A number of fundraisers were held for DMRT over Augusta and September. This included Sponsored walks, Road runs, Table Quizes including one organised by Patricia McBride who was rescued on Muckish with her partner recently which raised over €1,000. Training for these 2 months included a 3 day Operations Management course in Sligo, Night Navigation, Off Road Driving, Training with Rescue 118 in Sligo.


Summer Walk Cover

DMRT have covered a number of walking events over the summer including Tibet Charity Errigal Walk, The Blue Stack Challenge, The Gael Force Race, Fanad Coastal Walks as well as smaller walks. Thankfully most injuries were minor. Every year the number of walks increases as hill walking becomes more popular.


25th &26th June 2011 Rope Rigging Course

DMRT held a Technical Rescue weekend at Cladda Quarry over three days using ISRT, Ireland’s top Height Safety Training firm. They were 10 participants who were put through their paces with various belay and safety systems, Harness and Stretcher cliff face rescues and more advanced Hauling and Zip line casualty rescue. This was an excellent course enjoyed by all. 


1st June Mizan to Malin Cycle

4 Members of Donegal Mountain Rescue and a friend Cycled from Mizan to Malin.. This was for Donegal Hospice and DMRT so all contributions were very welcome. Cyclists were Norman Miller, Dara Mc Nulty, Willie Rodgers, Hugh Dillion and Joe Molloy Well done to all. 


Exchange of Expertise with Members of the Austrian Mountain Rescue By Joe Pond Team Leader DMRT

In the autumn 2009 Donegal Mountain Rescue had the privilege of receiving delegates from the Austrian Mountain Rescue association for two days to show them how we operate here and in particular how we use our GPS radio tracker system in search management. As part of the exchange all Team leaders from Irish Mountain Rescue were invited to go to Austria in June 2010. The trip was broken into two parts, the first 2 days we spent learning in great detail how mountain rescue works in Austria and their relationship with the other emergency services. The second part was to spend two full days training with them in the mountains. I found the first two days of the visit interesting in many ways. One major thing was the way all the emergency services work literally under the same roof all receiving funding from the government, that included the fire service, water rescue, ambulance, and Mountain rescue with the 999 callout service operating from the one central location in Rankwell. This really did seem to make for a very smooth operational relationship between all the services with them all working in the same direction. It was also interesting to see a different approach to crisis management or in others words the care needed to psychologically help victims of trauma particularly the volunteer rescuer. Since we have returned home we in Ireland have started to follow a similar course of action with senior members from all 12 mountain rescue teams attending a weekend training course on this topic. We were all well impressed with their bases having a Bar for its members we all voted to have one of those!! We had a tour of one of their helicopter bases what was interesting here was that the Landing pad and hanger was suspended forty feet in the air. When a callout came in a computerized track system moved the Heli outside ready for take-off, granted it was a tiny helicopter when you compare it to the S-61 search and rescue helicopter in Sligo. After these very informative couple of days we moved into the mountains to do some actually training with them. Most of us from Ireland thought it best to take the 2 hour hike to the hostel, it was a fantastic walk with panoramic views at every turn, at times I had wished I’d have gone in the 4X4 but on Sunday when we came down to the road again to get the plane home in the 4X4 well I’ll just say, a few times on some of the bends I thought I would need a change of trousers!!. The Alpine Hostel looked amazing situated 3500 feet above sea level the air was clear; we could see the Swiss Alps from the Hostel. But whereas the views were amazing the Sleeping arrangements were like nothing else I had ever experienced, just one bunk bed for the twelve of us, six on the bottom bunk and six on the top with only enough room to turn over! The following two days were full of intense training in rope rescue techniques, they showed us their stretcher lower equipment and techniques, also some single rope ascending, and some winched stretcher raises. One of their helicopters came up to show us how they lift mountain rescue members into the mountains, the fog came in at this point so we didn’t get to see it, but were told they all attach themselves on a winch cable attached below the heli in groups of four, it would have been amazing to see. I saw and learnt a lot over in Austria, it is a beautiful place so much so I plan to take my family there for a holiday this summer. But along with looking at different mountain rescue teams and how they operate another good thing was that I got to know more of the other team leaders in Ireland . Which is invaluable as more and more rescues cover more than one mountain rescue teams. 



Congratulations to those who successfully past the DMRT Assessment and Exams on Saturday in Glenveagh National Park. This included 2010 Trainees who are now fully qualified Responders and Senior members going through their annual assessments. Even the dreaded Glenveagh terrain which swallowed at least one Trainee down a hidden Bog hole during the Nite Nav did not deter the participants



DMRT held a Rescue First Aid Course in preparation of an upcoming REC 3 weekend. New Recruits acted as casualties on the day. The Team will then have a majority of REC 3 and REC 4 Responders on call outs.




Donegal Mountain Rescue Base Opening Glenveagh National Park

Donegal Mountain Rescue formally opened their New Base in the Office Compound of Glenveagh National Park on Sunday. The Base was generously supplied by Glenveagh National Park and the event was well attended on a glorious day with representatives from Milford and Letterkenny Garda, HSE Ambulance Service, Downings Coast Guard, Aern Radio Specialists, Glenveagh Staff and DMRT personnel in attendance with an impressive S61 Coast Guard Helicopter flyby. A presentation of the DMRT/Glenveagh Park relationship was held in the visitors centre Auditorium. David Duggan, Regional Manager then did the honours and cut the tape to mark the formal Base opening. The Park also organised a generous buffet and refreshments afterwards.


Support and Joint Exercises

Donegal Mountain Rescue and Glenveagh National Park are working together to ensure the safety of all visitors to the greater park area of Glenveagh National Park which now stands at over 100,000 per annum. Since 2008 the two organisations have met regularly to set up Training, Protocols and Resources to ensure a fast, professional joint response to any reported missing or injured persons.


Other supports which have been supplied by Glenveagh National Park include,


A – Excellent Training facilities in the Administration compound. DMRT have run numerous Training events in this Centre since 2008.


B – Use of the Castle over the last 3 years for the popular ‘Murder Mystery’ DMRT fundraising event (shown recently on UTV’s recent Glenveagh Series


C – Use of the ‘Bridge House’ for overnight stays for Training Courses.


D – Use of the Park including the ‘Stalker Cottages’ for Team Training.


In early 2010 a full Joint Exercise between the Park and DMRT will be conducted in the Park area to simulate a major incident and response. Search Protocols, Communications, Search Management, Medical and Equipment resources will be tested during the Joint Exercise. A full debrief and subsequent recommendations will be actioned to improve the Park/DMRT Incident Response. Park Rescue equipment is also being reviewed to improve a Joint Park/DMRT Incident response. The Joint Objective is to be able to respond professionally across all possible Scenarios from a twisted ankle on the Park Trail all the way through to a major Multi Agency incident such as a Plane Crash in the general Park area. Donegal Mountain Rescue are a 24-7-365 Voluntary Service.





Today saw the first day for DMRT and their new Glenties base in the old fire station. Thanks to the great effort and support from the great folk of Pramerica we were able to get the outside repainted and most of the inside cleaned and painted.We still have to get the ESB connected, and some plastering needs to be done. The new sign has been ordered and should be ready in the next few days. If you’d like a tour Feel free to email and we will contact 



On friday the 9th Oct Donegal Mountain Rescue Team reached a new mile stone of forty callout this year so far. 




Dunloe Missing Person Search 6/7/2008

5.40 Call to Glenties Garda Station for a Missing person in the Meenacross, Dunloe area Incident was high priority for solo elderly ill equipped missing person in difficult terrain. Weather was windy but dry. Team were allocated to Mt. Errigal cover for the Bayer 100 hour challenge so were redirected to Falchorrib Pier. Seamus was first on scene at pier and organised two three person parties onto the hill. Michael, Caitriona and Marie Angelo (Charlie Team). Felix, Joe and Leo, (Bravo Team). The ICU was set up at Falchorrib pier. A higher location was considered but Gardai advised that parking would not be practical. A third three man party was allocated when Leo and Martin arrive in own transport. Team included Seamus (Alpha Team), Brian remained at ICU as incident commander.


11.30 RESCUE 118 Heli arrives on scene and commences search sweeps. Starts with coastline and then works its way up to high ground.


12.41 Heli stands down due to low fuel after all areas requested searched including shore, hills and lakes.


14.25 Team Stand Down on Alpha and Charlie Team return.


A Successful outcome for all concerned The team would like to thank the Irish coast guard for their continued supprort for donegal mountain rescue. and the continued professionalism of the Garda





On Friday 21st March DWMRT requested assistance from DMRT to find a missing walker who had not returned from the Black Hill area of the Wicklow hills. The request was for DMRT to be in position next day, Saturday morning. DMRT Responders were Brian TL, Hugh 2IC, Colin, Brendan and Andrew.The VW was loaded and left Hugh’s at 6.50hrs as planned. Bravo was left in it’s place. The Team reported to Rescue Command Centre in Blessington at 10.15hrs. The Team were tasked with searching Sectors 12, 13 and 14. This was Forestry in the centre of the Search grid. They were a total of 80 sectors. The team reported to Jen of DWMRT at Rescue Base and were in position at 11.00hrs. The Team searched the area in line sweeps. The going was slow and difficult due to the dense undergrowth and swampy conditions. The Team was finishing the search of sector 12 when the call came through to return to Rescue Command Centre at approx 15.00hrs. The Team had a short debrief and returned to Command Centre for the DWMRT debrief. The body had been found on a hill near our search area not far from the path.



On Sunday evening the 9th Dec. we responded to a call-out in the Poison Glen for a hill walker who had left his companions, after complaining of feeling sick, but had not arrived back at their base. The outcome was successful and we had wonderful co-operation from the local community and the Errigal Hostel. Thank you 



Early on Saturday morning of the 1st Dec. we responded to a call-out to find a missing person in the hill area near Glengad on the Inishowen. With assistance from the local community the person was found safely. 



November 24th proved a very good day’s training for a national emergency. The simulated plane crash at Donegal Airport proved a good workout for all the emergency services. 



A very good day (10th November) was had by all here at the Letterkenny Shopping Centre by Tesco.. Again there has been a wonderful response from the community which is greatly appreciated by all the team and we give you a BIG thank you.